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06 Utopia

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Espresso.  Power your imagination and creativity without compromise.

Designed to be extracted by top quality espresso machines, Utopia is our darkest roast and is created to satisfy the most demanding taste buds. The coffee beans have been roasted to showcase a complex taste profile which typically exhibits a rich depth, sweetness, citrus, and bitter flavor notes. It matches perfectly with any milk-based drink or straight espresso shots. 

Single Origin
Roast Level: 
Tasting notes: bakers chocolate, spices, dark chocolate, stout
Coffee: Colombia | Mujeres Cafeteras | Coocentral
Growers: smallholder farmers
Altitude: 1,200 to 2,000 meters above sea level
Process: fully washed
Varietals: Caturra
Soil: clay minerals
Harvest: October - March 

Net weight: 1/2 lb.

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